Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Draping a top from left over fabric

Now what's going on in my sewing room? Some draping that's what's going on. I love this fabric so much that i thought surely i can find something nice and cute to make and  drape. Here you have it.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Design a T-shirt using your scraps

Have you ever wondered what are some of the things you can do with your scrap fabric? 
take a look at the video above. The technique is endless. I originally got the idea off of a sewing show. I use to take notes and i ran across my notes wondering what the were. After noticing that they were notes from a sewing television show of course i did a YouTube search and found a lot of youtubers are doing this with there fabric. What are you doing with yours. Join us on Facebook Groups and like my page facebook page

Saturday, March 26, 2016

How to make a Tooth Fairy Pillow and the history of the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy

The legend and myth of the Tooth Fairy is a delightful part of our modern family culture. Kids dream about receiving a special gift or money from this charming, magical fairy. Adults fondly remember the Tooth Fairy as a wonderful childhood fantasy of their youth, and they pass on the mystery and charm to their own young children.
In most households, the Tooth Fairy operates under cover of darkness, coming to visit after a child loses what are commonly called baby teeth. Parents help perpetuate the fantasy by showing their children how to place the lost tooth under their sleeping pillow or in a special holder or pillow made just for the Tooth Fairy. Then, the Tooth Fairy herself visits during the middle of the night, exchanging the tooth for a gift or monetary reward.
The Tooth Fairy is a lovely fantasy, but how exactly did she originate?

                Finish Reading the history behind the tooth fairy written by Nancy Wurtzel


Making a Tooth Pillow

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sweet Smooth Smoothie

Ok bloggers I am really not a big fan of eating strawberries....BUT!  I like the strawberry taste.  I know that is weird or shall I say unique. Some people as tomatoes some say tomotoes. Some say weird I say unique. Any who the one way that I will eat this beautiful little red tasty fruit are by putting them into the blender. This is the way that I make my smoothies. I call my smoothies Sweet Smooth Smoothies. I love my sweets as most of us do, I sometime like stuff super sweet.
These are the items i used to make my Sweet Smooth Smoothie
*handy dandy blender
*spoon big enough for stirring and a knife that you can cut up your fruit with. 
*bananas, and strawberries. For me this was my fruit of choice
      Please...Please....Please and another Please wash your strawberries.
      Clean them good. While I clean them I just cut the top stem off. This is what you see in the above       picture.
*papaya juice
      Some people like to use Milk. Not me because I am unique. I don't like milk or cheese. 
      You can use what you want.
*sugar (optional)
*flax seed (optional)


I used my handy dandy steak knife and cut my fruit in to chunks. The bananas I just pretty much  peeled back the skin and sliced them. And Dumped them all in the blender. This is the picture that you see above. There is no particular order. Doesn't that look delicious? 

Ok....now...I love sweetness as i have mentioned so I added about 2 table spoons of sugar.
You don't have to really add anything else if you don't want to. I sometimes add flex seeds to my smoothies at this point but I did not do it this time.

I poured my papaya juice in the blender.  You don't want it to be watery. Remember the fruit is gonna make it's own juice too.  You want it thick like a milk shake. What I did was to add about 1/4 of a cup. No there is no measuring cup there but this was about that amount maybe a little over or under. Turn the blender on set it to the blender option and blend away. If it doesn't seem to be blending to well or not agitating  just pour a little more juice in. Then try it again. Whala you have your smoothie

I know you say that is really not a smoothie.  But I tell you it really is. Don't it look good though?
I make mine this way because my family and I like to keep going back for more the next day it is like a night cap to us. I literally have to mark the container because my son will go back for more that night lol. 
But I make it concentrated so that all I need to do is add the ice. Sometime I freeze it until I want to use it again.
As you can see above I added a bowl full of ice and maybe a cup of Sweet Smooth Smoothie
Ok yall I added some more sugar and strawberries but that is just me am am a very unique individual. So this is how much I was able to make with that bowl of ice and cup of Sweet Smooth Smoothie
If you guys can taste this.
When I tell you this was good I am not tell you no lie. 
This one was for me on the go.
  Later on that evening I came home cooked and this was the treat
I took me a hot bath with that Calgon take me away. The Lavender kind.
Let me tell yall something.
 After I finished my bath. It was that time Smoothie time.
 I like mine in a wine glass with a spoon.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

2014 NSpire Creation by Patty CaSandra

 2014-Nspire by Patty CaSandra

This is one of my creation by the Nspire Line. It is a 3pc set I created this line from the inspirations of my own heart. I love all thing classy with a little sportiness that you can always bring it up to a casual look. If you really want to be daring i am sure you take it up another notch to the dressy mode. The sequin gives it the special umph for being a little dressy. I love Hoods I don't know why but i do. So added an hood to this lil cutie

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sew Whatcha Know Group 2014

We have had a long year full of fanstic sewing. I wanna say thank you  to my group for posting your items on my group  without you there would be no Sew Whatcha Know.

These some Items from the 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sew What's The Scoop

I love to read information from around the net.......I saw this interesting article

Top 10 Trouser Patterns + Tips for Sewing Your Own Jeans

  • 12
It’s time to retire the sundresses and snuggle up in cardigans and trousers. Scroll through 10 of our best-selling pants patterns, then join next week’s web seminar on how to make your own jeans! Make this the year you sew a perfect pair of pants.
We’re counting down 10 of our favorite trouser patterns, just in time for fall. Break out the denim, corduroy, and wool to start your cold weather wardrobe!.
1. Floral Skinny Jeans
An addictive pattern for patterned, colored, or plain denim.
1 floral skinny jeans
A classic rise gives these trousers a seventies look that’s right on trend today. Wear with clogs and a thrifted blouse.
No zip fly required for these cool trousers.
3 low rise cropped trousers
Edgy and comfy with a roomy high waisted fit.
4 safari trousers
Choose black or grey cotton satin to take this look into fall.
5 spring cigarette pants
A summer essential in white, and an edgy fall pant in black with exposed zippers.
6 skinny jeans with zipper
A streamlined, legging style fit.
7 slender pencil trousers
Super wide leg trousers are ultra slimming with a tucked in blouse.
8 gaucho pants
A beginner friendly pant pattern with a retro silhouette.
9 pocket trousers
A closet staple in twill or stretch denim.
10 flared pants
Ready to sew the perfect pair of pants? Register now for Jeans Techniques: How to Make Elegant, Strong, and Professional Looking Jeans, Pants, and Trousers. You’ll learn new seam finishes, order of construction, how to sew a fly front zipper, and more.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Designs by Patty CaSandra

I have done a lot of designs over the years. I have always been able to draw. More so when I was young.  I wish I had went to school to enhance my skills at drawing but as I grew older i found other things to occupy my mind. So drawing only appealed to me every now and then, I thinks i do a decent job to have the natural ability and only do it every now and again.

Early morning Draping

I love to design.  I must be a natural at it. I have been doing this since i was a little girl with my baby dolls. I though that was the way that you make clothes. At that time i never knew nothing about patterns. I would use my doll clothes to copy her clothes with some old clothes that my baby sister could not were anymore. My mother was very over protected of her 3 girls. So I would go sneak the needle and thread and scissors. I would cut those clothes and copy my doll clothes and some i would drape them on the doll and sew them while i was draping them. The funny part is that my mom would keep the too small clothes in a box in the attic. When she wanted to give them away she would go get them and would swear up and down that there were more clothes in that attic. It was so funny because the cute little clothes that was getting too small for my sister i could not wait till they go in the too small clothes box so my baby doll and barbie dolls can have some fresh new clothes.

I pop up at 5 am every morning since i was a little girl. The 5ish am is my best thinking time my brain is wired. Sometimes i have so much going on up there that i can not focus, So sometimes it take a couple cups of tea and turn me some smooth jazz on. Then i am ready to go. This is just one video that i decide to shoot .

Hoodie Shrug a cute decontruction

when my 33 year old was a 13 years old his dad purchased him some Nike's. They were all white i told his dad he did not need white shoes just yet. But did he listen to me noooo. The next week after the purchase he came home from school and told me he needed to tell his dad that he needed some more shoes. I said " uh why?  You just got a brand new pair last week!  OMGoodnes you guys would never guess what he said...... He said i just threw those in the garbage because someone stepped on them and got them dirty.. I thought i was gonna loose my mind.  I said if you don't go get those @#%^&% shoes out of the trash that cost almost $100.00 bucks we are gonna have some issues you and I. That day I taught him how to keep his shoes clean. We laugh about it today and he still keep him some clean white shoes

My 16 year old had a hoodie that he was going to throw in the trash.  I said, "hold up STOP i can use that. his thoughts were the hoodie has hole in it, I told him boy give me that hoodie and what your momma work .....lol 

Here are the results done in spring of 2014

Little Cute Tunic look-a-Like

Okay one of my vendors in California was selling this dress. One of my girl friends wanted that dress, Well I guess i was too late calling to order it. I felt so bad the i decide to just make the dress. Of course i had to make it, Just because i could. If I had had the right type of material on had I would have just made it and given it to her. But instead I decided to use the material that I had on hand and this is how it turned out.  Well I think it turned out just great

Wrap Dress Look-a-Like

This was just a little simple cute outfit that i just fell in live with (turquoise on the left.) The one on the right (the black print) is the one i copied,

The story goes. I cute little medical rep always come to the office and is always dress so cute I noticed that her outfits kinda all seem like they are from the same designer. One day she came in with the dress on the left on I thought it was just the cutest casual dress i have seen in a long time. I knew right then I wanted to make this dress. So I had to kinda check it out, you know....to see how many pieces makes was needed to make up the dress. So i kinda complemented her on the dress, Then she proceeded to tell me the designer's name "Elizabeth Mackay"  So of course i looked the the designer up, So for this simple dress the price is $ 285.00, When she said that i said oooh i can make that, So that was that.... now i was on a mission and my mission is done

Done in summer of 2013

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stepping Outside the Box

The Good thing about designing anything is the freedom. Everybody's mind has the freedom to explore what they want to explore.Some people interpret what they see very differently than others. That is why we have a different view of fashions. I see some apparel that I wouldn't dare attempt to put on that same outfit may be a beauty to someone else. This brings me to the outfits that I am going to post. My sister loves strips, polka dots, my mother loves everything, I am the Plain Jane. I decided to step outside the box on these designs. I hope you like them if you are not so sure that is perfectly understandable

Monday, December 9, 2013

Suede Skirt Decontruction

This is pictures of a deconstruction that i did on a skirt that i have had for over 10 years or more. As a mater of fact i have 2 of these skirts just different color. I decided to figure out what can i make that will be wearable for another 10 plus years. This is what i came up with. Not the best construction but OK enough to wear.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sewing In September

Sew as you know by know we are having a sewing challenge
https://www.facebook.com/groups/sewwhatchaknow/. We started out with 8 potential members but end up actually the first week only myself and Lori Hilburn doing the challenge. The gift card give away is going to be really easy if she finishes out the challenge. For those that did not get a chance to do it there will be other chances.

Here is what Lori made for Week 1 she decided to use 2 different patterns

make a top in to a dress was the challenge. she did a fantastic job

change or add something on the top she tried and attempt to but still very cute

This was what I made for week 1
I decided to use 1 pattern for both my garments

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Beautiful Sewing Table

Ok Ok OK Soo 
I saw this sewing table on my facebook  group (Sew Whatch Know) site which lead me to this blog How I Organized my sewing Room and I decided about a month ago that I wanted to make this table even if I had to buy 1 table at a time.
Well I came across a little change(money) and decided to start buying them. What a sweet hubby I have he decided that I should buy all 12 tables @7.99 apiece.(IKEA) I actually wanted to get the pink or turquoise table.(but beggers can't be choosy lol),  The color and high gloss tables are 12.99.

So I got my table home could not wait to get started. Took them out of the packaging, The Instruction were very easy but give you a hand and arm work out. By the time I was finished putting the tables together I wanted to go to bed but I was too excited.

Got them all put together, The instructions called for holes to be drilled on the 4 legs of the tables and on top of the corner edge of the tables, and dowel inserted in the whole to keep the tables together. My husband did the first one it came out ok BUT the top table did not  go all the way flat together.  The second set he stated to drill the drill went down to far in the leg, Guess what? the legs are hollow. So when putting the dowels in the fell threw the hole.

The Big Bright Idea
So I had thought about gluing them together but for some reason I did not think that it would take. Hubby said " well I think you are gonna have to glue it together" My instant thought was glue will insure that the tables will be even . Went to Wal-Mart to get the infamous Gorilla Glue. Now we are talking the big dog of glues, Let me tell you this is some bad stuff it only takes a little dab and that will do it,
I glue them 2 together let them dry 24 hours, the put them together. I use zip ties (industrial) to tie them together see the pictures